Hiring Canadian JavaScripters

We are looking to hire Canadian JavaScripters. If you are interested in working remotely with a great team on large browser interfaces written in the MVC-style, please read on...

I work for SiteSell and have been for almost 8 years. SiteSell is a long established (~1998) internet company. SiteSell offers a product called SBI! combining web hosting, site building tools, and e-business building guidance and a newer product called bizXpress providing e-business building guidance for Wordpress site owners. SiteSell's customers generally have more successful sites (i.e. more traffic and more revenue) than people who buy cheap $5/mo hosting with no guidance. SiteSell has been an excellent employer for me. That's why I've been working with them for so long and have immediately said "no thanks" to all recruiters from Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.

My roles at SiteSell are product management and lead JavaScript developer. I manage three Polish JavaScript programmers and I'm looking to grow the UI team by at least one more JavaScript developer. We are looking for a long-term, full-time employee to work remotely from within Canada. By long-term I mean hopefully many years. Full time being 40 hours per week. The within Canada part is for tax purposes. There is frequent communication via email, tickets, Skype chat, audio, and screen sharing. The hours are somewhat flexible but being available weekdays from 9-5 in any time-zone in Canada is the normal requirement. (It doesn't have to be the timezone in which you are located.)

The reason we are hiring is that we need more people working on the new site building tools that we have developed and continue to enhance. We have some reasonably complex tools. We have several tools that fit the "one page app" label that have been written in the MVC style before any of the currently popular MVC frameworks were released. For example, you can see a video of our page buiding tool.

Our page building tool includes about 40,000 lines of JavaScript. I expect it will take several months before a new developer will start to feel comfortable and understand how the parts are all connected together. I know it would take me a long time and I designed and wrote a large part of it. At the beginning, work would include maintenance, bug fixing, unit test writing, and some smaller new feature work depending on how fast the new developer shows understanding of the system. Work will be assigned and reviewed by me. Later the developer will be responsible for implementing entirely new features as SiteSell prioritizes them and the developer's skills fit the project well.

The technical skills required are

  • JavaScript (3+ years experience)
  • browser feature testing and workarounds
  • ability to work without jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Subversion
  • Trac
  • Mac OS X

Without any doubt, the much more important qualities required are

  • friendly
  • respectful
  • non-confrontational
  • adaptability
  • willingness to take direction
  • team player
  • plenty of energy and enthusiasm

A technically great developer who causes stress within the team and company is not worth it for me. Far better would be a developer who is a joy to work with, who has good basic knowledge, and who learns quickly.

SiteSell is a great place to work. I'm confident that someone with the right technical skills and right attitude will find a good home programming with us.

Please email me if you are interested in applying for the job. petermichaux@gmail.com